Higher Degrees in Sociology Conferred in 1942

  title={Higher Degrees in Sociology Conferred in 1942},
  author={Edward Jackson Baur and Pearl E. Clark and Maddison Montana and Alice W. Davis and Barrington Radcliffe},
  journal={American Journal of Sociology},
  pages={67 - 73}
According to reports received by the Journal from institutions offering graduate instruction, 56 doctoral degrees and I2I Masters' degrees in sociology were conferred in the calendar year I942 by 37 institutions in the United States and Canada. This list includes only those institutions which require dissertations or theses. Because of lack of space, degrees, dissertations, and theses in the field of social work are not included. DOCTORS' DEGREES 
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Chapter I: Library Resources and Documentary Research

To PERSONS of direct action who find satisfaction predominantly in the dynamics of face-to-face relations, documents have slight appeal. To per­ sons of deliberative temper, the contents of written



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