Higher‐level phylogeny of the insect order Hemiptera: is Auchenorrhyncha really paraphyletic?

  title={Higher‐level phylogeny of the insect order Hemiptera: is Auchenorrhyncha really paraphyletic?},
  author={J. Cryan and Julie M Urban},
  journal={Systematic Entomology},
  • J. Cryan, Julie M Urban
  • Published 2012
  • Biology
  • Systematic Entomology
  • The higher‐level phylogeny of the order Hemiptera remains a contentious topic in insect systematics. The controversy is chiefly centred on the unresolved question of whether or not the hemipteran suborder Auchenorrhyncha (including the extant superfamilies Fulgoroidea, Membracoidea, Cicadoidea and Cercopoidea) is a monophyletic lineage. Presented here are the results of a multilocus molecular phylogenetic investigation of relationships among the major hemipteran lineages, designed specifically… CONTINUE READING
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