High-yield production of graphene by liquid-phase exfoliation of graphite.

  title={High-yield production of graphene by liquid-phase exfoliation of graphite.},
  author={Yenny Hernandez and Valeria Nicolosi and Mustafa Lotya and Fiona M. Blighe and Zhenyu Sun and Sukanta De and Ignatius McGovern and Brendan J. Holland and Michele T Byrne and Yurii K Gun'ko and John J Boland and Peter Niraj and Georg S. Duesberg and Satheesh Krishnamurthy and Robbie Goodhue and John L. Hutchison and Vittorio Scardaci and Andrea C. Ferrari and Jonathan N Coleman},
  journal={Nature nanotechnology},
  volume={3 9},
Fully exploiting the properties of graphene will require a method for the mass production of this remarkable material. Two main routes are possible: large-scale growth or large-scale exfoliation. Here, we demonstrate graphene dispersions with concentrations up to approximately 0.01 mg ml(-1), produced by dispersion and exfoliation of graphite in organic solvents such as N-methyl-pyrrolidone. This is possible because the energy required to exfoliate graphene is balanced by the solvent-graphene… CONTINUE READING

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