High-volume natural volcanic pozzolan and limestone powder as partial replacements for portland cement in self-compacting and sustainable concrete

  title={High-volume natural volcanic pozzolan and limestone powder as partial replacements for portland cement in self-compacting and sustainable concrete},
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Effect of volcanic ash pozzolan or limestone replacement on hydration of Portland cement

Effect of Fineness of Basaltic Volcanic Ash on Pozzolanic Reactivity, ASR Expansion and Drying Shrinkage of Blended Cement Mortars

Results indicate that an increase in the fineness of VA significantly improvs performance, and therefore, it could be a feasible substitute for commercial admixtures in cement composites.

Properties of high-performance concrete incorporating high-volume ground scoria rocks as natural pozzolan

In this paper, high-volume ground scoria rocks (SR) are investigated as alternative natural pozzolanic materials to produce sustainable high-performance concrete (HPC). The effects of the source and

Evaluation of Powdered Scoria Rocks from Various Volcanic Lava Fields as Cementitious Material

AbstractIn this study, the large deposits of volcanic scoria rocks (SRs) of the Arabian Peninsula were investigated as cement replacement materials. The powdered SRs procured from three separate

Development and Characterization of Sustainable Self-Consolidating Concrete Containing High Volume of Limestone Powder and Natural or Calcined Pozzolanic Materials

  • K. Celik
  • Materials Science, Engineering
  • 2015
Author(s): Celik, Kemal | Advisor(s): Monteiro, Paulo J.M. | Abstract: Carbon dioxide emission from ordinary Portland cement manufacturing is one of the major sustainability issues facing the

Green Pervious Concrete Containing Diatomaceous Earth as Supplementary Cementitous Materials for Pavement Applications

Portland cement porous concrete (PCPC) has received immense interest recently due to its environmental aids. Its porous structure helps to reduce the water runoff amount while improving the recharge



High-Volume Natural Pozzolan Concrete for Structural Applications

The authors present preliminary study results on concrete mixtures for structural applications containing high volumes of natural pozzolan (50% by total cementitious material mass). In high-volume

Evaluation of Portland limestone cements for use in concrete construction

The paper describes a study carried out to examine the performance of concrete produced using combinations of Portland cement (PC) and limestone (LS), covering compositions for Portland limestone

The permeability of Portland limestone cement concrete

High-Volume Fly Ash Concrete with High Strength and Low Drying Shrinkage

  • C. Atiş
  • Materials Science, Engineering
  • 2003
In this work, a laboratory investigation was carried out to evaluate the strength and particularly the shrinkage properties of concrete containing high volumes of fly ash. The concrete mixtures made


Data from published literature and laboratory tests regarding limestone additions to portland cement are reviewed. Emphasis is placed on additions of 5% or less. The effects of interground and

Limestone Fillers Conserve Cement; Part 2: Durability issues and the effects of limestone fineness on mixtures

Part 1 of this article used Powers’ model to demonstrate the viability of increased limestone filler replacement levels in lower water-cementitious material ratio (w/cm) concretes.1 Commonly cited

Supplementary Cementitious Materials

The current widespread use of calcium silicate or aluminate hydrate binder systems in the construction industry finds its roots in the Antique world where mixtures of calcined lime and finely ground