High-voltage insulation

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The most important chapters in electrical engineering are those dealing with efficiency, heating, magnetism and insulation. 
Analysis and Design in Extra High Voltage Circuit Breakers Employing Shunted Capacitors
Study and application on the tst system for the dielectric characteristics of high-resistance powder
A method for calculating low probability impulse breakdown voltages in SF/sub 6/-filled gaps
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The Field Test and Dissection of a New Type of Composite Insulated Dry Current Transformer Made of Synthetic Materials
Practice and Accepted Rules of Shielding Power Cables
Nonlinear Dielectric Response Characteristics of Damp Oil-Paper Insulation and Application of H-W Model in Time-Frequency Conversion
Development of a leakage current monitoring system of iced insulators base on fiber optic transmission
Detection Methods of the Faulty Porcelain Insulators