High-voltage insulation

  title={High-voltage insulation},
  author={J. Hayden and C. Steinmetz},
  journal={Journal of the A.I.E.E.},
The most important chapters in electrical engineering are those dealing with efficiency, heating, magnetism and insulation. 
Analysis and Design in Extra High Voltage Circuit Breakers Employing Shunted Capacitors
The two dimensional (2D) electric field mathematical model of arc-quenching chamber employing shunted capacitors in a 550kV dual-break extra high voltage SF6 circuit breakers (EHV SF6 CB) has beenExpand
Study and application on the tst system for the dielectric characteristics of high-resistance powder
The importance of the present study is that the dielectric characteristic of powder materials with high specific resistivity can affect the electrostatic precipitator operation, electrostatic daub,Expand
A method for calculating low probability impulse breakdown voltages in SF/sub 6/-filled gaps
  • Wenguo Gu, Qiaogen Zhang, Y. Qiu
  • Physics
  • Proceedings of 1998 International Symposium on Electrical Insulating Materials. 1998 Asian International Conference on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation. 30th Symposium on Electrical Insulating Ma
  • 1998
From the analysis of the abnormal discharge in SF/sub 6/-filled gaps, a method for calculating low probability impulse breakdown voltage is put forward, which consists of three limiting lines: theExpand
The Field Test and Dissection of a New Type of Composite Insulated Dry Current Transformer Made of Synthetic Materials
This paper introduces the performance of a new type of composite insulated dry current transformer (dry CT in the paper). It is made of synthetic materials and designed distinctively from traditionalExpand
Study on partial discharge self-attenuation characteristics of a new dry type composite insulation for HV current transformers and bushings
The composite insulation consisting of PTFE film layers with interstitial silicone gel, emerging as a new alternative type of insulation structure has been very successfully used for over 15 years inExpand
Practice and Accepted Rules of Shielding Power Cables
The Insulated Power Cable Engineers Association voltage limits differ from those permitted by the 1975 National Electrical Code for nonshielded extruded insulated conductors rated 2001 to 8000 V.Expand
Nonlinear Dielectric Response Characteristics of Damp Oil-Paper Insulation and Application of H-W Model in Time-Frequency Conversion
In this work, the extended Debye model or Fourier transform is adopted to convert the polarization and depolarization current test results from the time domain into the frequency domain at lowExpand
Development of a leakage current monitoring system of iced insulators base on fiber optic transmission
Combining with optical fiber transmission technology and digital signal processing technique, a leakage current monitoring system suitable for iced insulators based on fiber optic transmission hasExpand
Detection Methods of the Faulty Porcelain Insulators
The present on-line detection methods of the porcelain insulator are reviewed in this paper. A new synthetic method, which includes three new methods, is introduced in detail. The first method is theExpand
On the formation of negative coronas
Negative coronas in nitrogen and in air have been studied. The transition from low-current discharge to strong-current discharge or to the spontaneous and initiated corona pulse regimes has beenExpand