High-voltage and short-rise-time pulse-transformer with amorphous cores

  title={High-voltage and short-rise-time pulse-transformer with amorphous cores},
  author={Naomi Kobayashi and Nobutada Aoki and Hiromichi Horie and Yasumasa Baba and Yuta Sano and Hiroshi Kimura and C. Konagal},
  journal={Digest of Technical Papers. 11th IEEE International Pulsed Power Conference (Cat. No.97CH36127)},
  pages={1620-1625 vol.2}
A short rise time pulsed power transformer using cobalt-based amorphous alloy cores, which operates at high voltage (/spl sim/100 kV) and high repetition rate (/spl sim/4000 pps), has been developed for application as a pulsed power modulator for copper vapor lasers. An output voltage of more than 80 kV, a rise time of 65 ns and a transformation efficiency of 83% were demonstrated for the transformer with a 1.2 step-up ratio. Moreover, using a 1:3 step-up ratio, a maximum output voltage of over… CONTINUE READING