High transcytosis of melanotransferrin (P97) across the blood–brain barrier

  title={High transcytosis of melanotransferrin (P97) across the blood–brain barrier},
  author={M. Demeule and J. Poirier and J. Jodoin and Y. Bertrand and R. Desrosiers and C. Dagenais and T. Nguyen and J. Lanthier and R. Gabathuler and M. Kennard and W. Jefferies and D. Karkan and Sam S. Tsai and L. Fenart and R. Cecchelli and R. B{\'e}liveau},
  journal={Journal of Neurochemistry},
  • M. Demeule, J. Poirier, +13 authors R. Béliveau
  • Published 2002
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of Neurochemistry
  • The blood–brain barrier (BBB) performs a neuroprotective function by tightly controlling access to the brain; consequently it also impedes access of proteins as well as pharmacological agents to cerebral tissues. We demonstrate here that recombinant human melanotransferrin (P97) is highly accumulated into the mouse brain following intravenous injection and in situ brain perfusion. Moreover, P97 transcytosis across bovine brain capillary endothelial cell (BBCEC) monolayers is at least 14‐fold… CONTINUE READING
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