High-throughput quantitative N-glycan analysis of glycoproteins.

  title={High-throughput quantitative N-glycan analysis of glycoproteins.},
  author={Margaret A. Doherty and Ciara A. McManus and Rebecca M. Duke and Pauline M. Rudd},
  journal={Methods in molecular biology},
N-linked oligosaccharides are complex non-template-derived structures that are attached to the side chains of asparagine, via the nitrogen atom. Specific changes in the N-glycans of serum glycoproteins have been associated with the pathogenesis of many diseases. The oligosaccharides present on the C(H)2 domain of immunoglobulins are known to modulate the effector functions of the molecule. These glycans provoke various biological effects, necessitating the development of robust high-throughput… CONTINUE READING