High throughput protein production and crystallization at NYSGXRC.

  title={High throughput protein production and crystallization at NYSGXRC.},
  author={Michael J Sauder and Marc E Rutter and Kevin Bain and Isabelle A Rooney and Tarun Gheyi and Shane K. Atwell and Devon A. Thompson and Spencer Emtage and Stephen K. Burley},
  journal={Methods in molecular biology},
Phase II of the Protein Structure Initiative, funded by the NIH NIGMS (National Institute of General Medical Sciences), is a 5-year effort to determine thousands of protein structures. The New York SGX Research Center for Structural Genomics (NYSGXRC) is one of the four large-scale production centers tasked with determining 100-200 structures annually. Almost all protein production is carried out using the high throughput structural biology platform at SGX Pharmaceuticals (SGX), which supplies… CONTINUE READING