High-throughput plasmid cDNA library screening

  title={High-throughput plasmid cDNA library screening},
  author={Kenneth H. Wan and Charles Yu and Reed A. George and Joseph W. Carlson and Roger A. Hoskins and Robert R Svirskas and M. L. Stapleton and Susan E. Celniker},
  journal={Nature Protocols},
Libraries of cDNA clones are valuable resources for analyzing the expression, structure and regulation of genes, and for studying protein functions and interactions. Full-length cDNA clones provide information about intron and exon structures, splice junctions, and 5′ and 3′ untranslated regions (UTRs). Open reading frames (ORFs) derived from cDNA clones can be used to generate constructs allowing the expression of both wild-type proteins and proteins tagged at their amino or carboxy terminus… CONTINUE READING
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