High throughput cell-based screening of biodegradable polyanhydride libraries.

  title={High throughput cell-based screening of biodegradable polyanhydride libraries.},
  author={Andrew F. Adler and Latrisha K. Petersen and Jennifer H Wilson and Mar{\'i}a Pilar Rivera Torres and Jon Brian Thorstenson and Stuart W Gardner and S K Surya K Mallapragada and Michael J. Wannemuehler and Balaji Narasimhan},
  journal={Combinatorial chemistry & high throughput screening},
  volume={12 7},
A parallel screening method has been developed to rapidly evaluate discrete library substrates of biomaterials using cell-based assays. The biomaterials used in these studies were surface-erodible polyanhydrides based on sebacic acid (SA), 1,6-bis(p-carboxyphenoxy)hexane (CPH), and 1,8-bis(p-carboxyphenoxy)-3,6-dioxaoctane (CPTEG) that have been previously studied as carriers for drugs, proteins, and vaccines. Linearly varying compositional libraries of 25 different polyanhydride random… CONTINUE READING


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