High-throughput DNA methylation profiling using universal bead arrays.

  title={High-throughput DNA methylation profiling using universal bead arrays.},
  author={Marina Bibikova and Zhenwu Lin and Lixin Zhou and Eugene Chudin and Eliza Wickham Garcia and Bonnie Wu and Dennis Doucet and N. J. W. Thomas and Yunhua Wang and Ekkehard Vollmer and Torsten Goldmann and Carola Seifart and Wei Jiang and David L. Barker and Mark S. Chee and Joanna Floros and Jian-Bing Fan},
  journal={Genome research},
  volume={16 3},
We have developed a high-throughput method for analyzing the methylation status of hundreds of preselected genes simultaneously and have applied it to the discovery of methylation signatures that distinguish normal from cancer tissue samples. Through an adaptation of the GoldenGate genotyping assay implemented on a BeadArray platform, the methylation state of 1536 specific CpG sites in 371 genes (one to nine CpG sites per gene) was measured in a single reaction by multiplexed genotyping of 200… CONTINUE READING
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