High-temperature Mars-to-Earth transfer of meteorite ALH84001

  title={High-temperature Mars-to-Earth transfer of meteorite ALH84001},
  author={K. Min and P. Reiners},
  journal={Earth and Planetary Science Letters},
  • K. Min, P. Reiners
  • Published 2007
  • Geology
  • Earth and Planetary Science Letters
  • Martian meteorites provide crucial insights into Martian evolution and interplanetary mass transfer, including the potential for exogenesis. ALH84001 is the oldest Martian meteorite discovered so far, and has been used to derive important conclusions about Martian surface temperatures and very low-temperature Mars-to-Earth transfer. To better constrain the thermal evolution and shock metamorphic history of ALH84001, we applied (U–Th)/He thermochronometry to single grains of phosphate… CONTINUE READING
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