High temperature AdS black holes are low temperature quantum phonon gases

  title={High temperature AdS black holes are low temperature quantum phonon gases},
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Restricted phase space thermodynamics of charged AdS black holes in conformal gravity

The thermodynamics of charged spherically symmetric AdS black holes in conformal gravity is revisited using the recently proposed restricted phase space (RPS) formalism. This formalism avoids all the

Topological black holes in Einstein-Maxwell and 4D conformal gravities revisited

The thermodynamics of charged topological black holes (TBHs) with different horizon geometries in d -dimensional Einstein-Maxwell and 4-dimensional conformal gravities is revisited using the

Why is Black Hole Entropy Affected by Rotation?

It is well known that an asymptotically flat four-dimensional Kerr black hole has a smaller (specific) entropy than a Schwarzschild black hole of the same mass. We show here that the same is true if

Covariant transport equation and gravito-conductivity in generic stationary spacetimes

We find a near detailed balance solution to the relativistic Boltzmann equation under the relaxation time approximation with a collision term which differs from the Anderson–Witting model and is



Microstructure of charged AdS black hole via P−V criticality

We suggest a new thermodynamic curvature, constructed via adiabatic compressibility, for examining the internal microstructure of charged black holes in an anti-de Sitter (AdS) background. We analyze

Black hole elasticity and gapped transverse phonons in holography

A bstractWe study the elastic response of planar black hole (BH) solutions in a simple class of holographic models with broken translational invariance. We compute the transverse quasi-normal mode

P − V criticality of charged AdS black holes

A bstractTreating the cosmological constant as a thermodynamic pressure and its conjugate quantity as a thermodynamic volume, we reconsider the critical behaviour of charged AdS black holes. We

Charged AdS black holes and catastrophic holography

We compute the properties of a class of charged black holes in anti--de Sitter space-time, in diverse dimensions. These black holes are solutions of consistent Einstein-Maxwell truncations of gauged

Metal-insulator transition by holographic charge density waves.

A gravity dual for charge density waves (CDWs) in which the translational symmetry along one spatial direction is spontaneously broken is constructed, which exhibits the two familiar features of CDWs, namely, the pinned collective mode and gapped single-particle excitation.

Condensed Matter and AdS/CFT

I review two classes of strong coupling problems in condensed matter physics, and describe insights gained by application of the AdS/CFT correspondence. The first class concerns non-zero temperature

Thermodynamics of AdS/QCD

We study finite temperature properties of four dimensional QCD-like gauge theories in the gauge theory/gravity duality picture. The gravity dual contains two deformed 5d AdS metrics, with and without

Extended thermodynamics and microstructures of four-dimensional charged Gauss-Bonnet black hole in AdS space

The discovery of new four-dimensional black hole solutions presents a new approach to understand the Gauss-Bonnet gravity in low dimensions. In this paper, we test the Gauss-Bonnet gravity by

Restricted phase space thermodynamics for AdS black holes via holography

A new formalism for thermodynamics of AdS black holes called the restricted phase space thermodynamics (RPST) is proposed. The construction is based on top of Visser’s holographic thermodynamics, but