High-symmetry polymorph of anhydrous disodium hydrogen phosphate

  title={High-symmetry polymorph of anhydrous disodium hydrogen phosphate},
  author={Nikolay V. Somov and Feodor Feodorovich Chausov},
  journal={Russian Journal of Inorganic Chemistry},
A new Na2HPO4 polymorph was prepared with space group Fddd, Z = 8, a = 5.8426(3) Å, b = 9.7908(5) Å, c = 12.2673(5) Å. The crystal structure includes PO4 tetrahedra and Na atoms, each surrounded by six O atoms positioned in the corners of a heavily distorted octahedron. The proton is equiprobably disordered over the O atoms. 


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Kristallstruktur von wasserfreiem Na2HPO4
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