High-strength carbon nanotube/carbon composite fibers via chemical vapor infiltration.

  title={High-strength carbon nanotube/carbon composite fibers via chemical vapor infiltration.},
  author={Jaegeun Lee and Teawon Kim and Yeonsu Jung and Kihoon Jung and Junbeom Park and Dong-Myeong Lee and Hyeon Su Jeong and Jun Yeon Hwang and Chong Rae Park and Kun-Hong Lee and Seung Min Kim},
  volume={8 45},
In this study, we have developed an efficient and scalable method for improving the mechanical properties of carbon nanotube (CNT) fibers. The mechanical properties of as-synthesized CNT fibers are primarily limited by their porous structures and the weak bonding between adjacent CNTs. These result in inefficient load transfer, leading to low tensile strength and modulus. In order to overcome these limitations, we have adopted chemical vapor infiltration (CVI) to efficiently fill the internal… CONTINUE READING


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