High spin polarization in the ferromagnetic filled skutterudites KFe4Sb12 and NaFe4Sb12

  title={High spin polarization in the ferromagnetic filled skutterudites KFe4Sb12 and NaFe4Sb12},
  author={Goutam Sheet and Helge Rosner and Steffen Wirth and Andreas Leithe-Jasper and Walter Schnelle and Ulrich Burkhardt and J A Mydosh and Pratap Raychaudhuri and Yuri Grin},
  journal={Physical Review B},
The spin polarization of ferromagnetic alkali-metal iron antimonides $\mathrm{K}{\mathrm{Fe}}_{4}{\mathrm{Sb}}_{12}$ and $\mathrm{Na}{\mathrm{Fe}}_{4}{\mathrm{Sb}}_{12}$ is studied by point-contact Andreev reflection using superconducting Nb and Pb tips. From these measurements an intrinsic transport spin polarization ${P}_{t}$ of 67% and 60% for the K and Na compound, respectively, is inferred, which establishes these materials as a class of highly spin-polarized ferromagnets. The results are… 
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