High-speed vision systems and projectors for real-time perception of the world

  title={High-speed vision systems and projectors for real-time perception of the world},
  author={Shingo Kagami},
  journal={2010 IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition - Workshops},
  • S. Kagami
  • Published 13 June 2010
  • Computer Science
  • 2010 IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition - Workshops
This paper presents a brief overview of high-speed vision systems that enable real-time image acquisition and visual processing at frame rates of several hundreds to thousands of frames per second, which are substantially higher than the standard video rates. High-speed vision systems enable fast measurement and control of dynamic systems, and have been successfully applied in the fields such as robotics, in which real-time perception of dynamic environment is critically important. This paper… 

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The proposed method is simpler and more reliable than standard motor encoders, despite the tight real-time constraints, and experimentally verified with a 2D planar motion stage for micrometer positioning.

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Evaluation of different approaches in achieving fast motion adaptability with DMD projectors through a subjective image evaluation experiment and a discrimination experiment suggest that the approach proposed by the authors, which updates the image position for every binary frame instead of for every video frame, offers perceptual image quality comparable with the quality offered by 500-fps projection.

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In this paper, an insight has been provided on how various image recognition and tracking algorithms perform on various datasets, ranging from hand gestures to shapes and objects to handwritten manuscript text, etc.

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This thesis presents approaches which employ visual measurements as a direct feedback to design constrained motion in next generation visual control systems, and proposes a method that uses an image-based feedforward controller on top of traditional position-based visual servo control to overcome disturbances such as friction or poorly designed local motor controllers.


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Real-time visual measurements using high-speed vision

This paper describes two visual measurements using high-speed vision, target counting and rotation measurement that have excellent measurement precision and high flexibility because of high-frame-rate visual observation achievable.

955-fps Real-time Shape Measurement of a Moving/Deforming Object using High-speed Vision for Numerous-point Analysis

The proposed measurement system can observe a moving/deforming object at high frame rate and can acquire data in real-time by using two-dimensional pattern projection and a high-speed vision system with a massively parallel co-processor for numerous-point analysis.

Development of high-speed and real-time vision platform, H3 vision

A high-speed vision platform, H3 (Hiroshima Hyper Human) Vision, is introduced, which can simultaneously process a 1024× 1024 pixel image at 1000 fps and a 256× 256 pixelimage at 10000 fps by implementing image processing algorithms as hardware logic on a dedicated FPGA board.

1 ms column parallel vision system and its application of high speed target tracking

  • Y. NakaboM. IshikawaH. ToyodaS. Mizuno
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings 2000 ICRA. Millennium Conference. IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation. Symposia Proceedings (Cat. No.00CH37065)
  • 2000
A 1 ms vision system has a 128/spl times/128 PD array and an all parallel processor array connected to each other in a column parallel architecture, so that the bottleneck of an image transfer is solved.

High-speed object tracking in ordinary surroundings based on temporally evaluated optical flow

  • R. OkadaJ. Oaki A. Kunimatsu
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings 2003 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2003) (Cat. No.03CH37453)
  • 2003
A high-sensitivity high-frame-rate visual sensor system and real-time object tracking algorithm that makes use of the previously proposed motion estimation technique, which is capable of robustly estimating optical flow in a high- frame-rate image sequence.

A high-speed vision system with in-pixel programmable ADCs and PEs for real-time visual sensing

This paper describes a real-time vision system of which the pixel contains a photo detector, an analog-to-digital converter (ADC), and a digital processing element that enables real- time visual processing at a high frame rate.

Target tracking algorithm for 1 ms visual feedback system using massively parallel processing

This paper proposes a simple algorithm for target tracking using the feature of high speed vision, and realizes target tracking on the 1 ms visual feedback system.

High-Speed Visual Tracking of the Nearest Point of an Object Using 1,000-fps Adaptive Pattern Projection

A 1,000-jps camera-projector system in which projected patterns are adoptively controlled according to image processing results is described and experimental results show that the system successfully tracked an apex of a fast-moving large! object.

The visual computing of projector-camera systems

Real-time image correction techniques that enable projector-camera systems to display images onto screens that are not optimized for projections, such as geometrically complex, colored and textured surfaces are reviewed.

1, 000-fps Visual Feedback Control of an Active Vision System over a High-Load Network

Rather than introducing OS-dependent technologies for realtime communication, this work has developed a dedicated network processing unit that handles all of the UDP/IP and Ethernet processing instead of the host PC.