High-speed linear optics quantum computing using active feed-forward.


As information carriers in quantum computing, photonic qubits have the advantage of undergoing negligible decoherence. However, the absence of any significant photon-photon interaction is problematic for the realization of non-trivial two-qubit gates. One solution is to introduce an effective nonlinearity by measurements resulting in probabilistic gate… (More)


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@article{Prevedel2007HighspeedLO, title={High-speed linear optics quantum computing using active feed-forward.}, author={Robert Prevedel and Philip Walther and F. Tiefenbacher and Pascal B{\"{o}hi and Rainer Kaltenbaek and Thomas Jennewein and Anton Zeilinger}, journal={Nature}, year={2007}, volume={445 7123}, pages={65-9} }