High-speed high-accuracy fiber optic low-coherence interferometry for in situ grinding and etching process monitoring

  title={High-speed high-accuracy fiber optic low-coherence interferometry for in situ grinding and etching process monitoring},
  author={Wojciech J. Walecki and A. Pravdivtsev and Manuel {\'A}vila Santos and Ann Koo},
  booktitle={SPIE Optics + Photonics},
We present design of novel tool for characterization of wafer thickness and wafer topography employing fast low coherence fiber optic interferometer, which optical length of the reference arm of the interferometer is monitored by secondary long coherence length interferometer. 
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Stacked-die Packaging: Technology Toolbox, Step 8
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Wafer Thinning: Techniques for Ultra-thin Wafers
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Wafer Thinning: Techniques for Ultra-thin Wafers
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Karnezos “ Stacked - die Packaging : Technology Toolbox , Step 8