High-resolution ultrasonography of wrist ganglia.

  title={High-resolution ultrasonography of wrist ganglia.},
  author={L de Flaviis and Renato Nessi and P Del B{\`o} and Giliola Calori and Giuseppe Balconi},
  journal={Journal of clinical ultrasound : JCU},
  volume={15 1},
High-resolution ultrasonography was performed on 14 patients with soft tissue swelling of the wrist and hand. The examination was done using a real-time 10-MHz sector probe placed directly on the lesion. The sonographic image could always demonstrate the liquid nature of cystic lesions. In recent ganglia, the fluid content was anechoic, and the cystic walls were rather thin; in some older lesions, irregular internal echoes and thicker walls were found. Rather often, multiple ganglia were… CONTINUE READING
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