High-resolution search for the Theta(+) pentaquark via a pion-induced reaction at J-PARC

  title={High-resolution search for the Theta(+) pentaquark via a pion-induced reaction at J-PARC},
  author={J-PARC E19 Collaboration M. Moritsu and Satoshi Adachi and M. Agnello and S. Ajimura and Kanae Aoki and Hyoung Chan Bhang and Bernd Bassalleck and E. Botta and S. Bufalino and Nobuyuki Chiga and Hiroyuki Ekawa and Petr Evtoukhovitch and A. Feliciello and Hiroyuki Fujioka and Satio Hayakawa and F. Hiruma and Ryotaro Honda and Kenji Hosomi and Yudai Ichikawa and Masaharu Ieiri and Y. Igarashi and Ken’ichi Imai and N. Ishibashi and Shigeru Ishimoto and K. Itahashi and Ruri Iwasaki and Changwoo Joo and Shunsuke Kanatsuki and M. J. Kim and S. J. Kim and Ryuta Kiuchi and Takahisa Koike and Yusuke Komatsu and V. V. Kulikov and Simonetta Marcello and Shin’ichi Masumoto and Yuki Matsumoto and Kenji Matsuoka and K. Miwa and Tomofumi Nagae and Megumi Naruki and Masayuki Niiyama and Hiroyuki Noumi and Yuki Nozawa and Ryosuke Ota and Kyoichiro Ozawa and Naohito Saito and Atsushi Sakaguchi and Hiroyuki Sako and Valentin Samoilov and Masaharu Sato and S. Sato and Y. Sato and Shinya Sawada and Michiko Sekimoto and Kotaro Shirotori and Hitoshi Sugimura and S. Suzuki and H. Takahashi and T. N. Takahashi and T. N. Takahashi and Hirokazu Tamura and T. Tanaka and Kiyoshi Tanida and A. O. Tokiyasu and Natsuki Tomida and Z. Tsamalaidze and Mifuyu Ukai and K. Yagi and T. O. Yamamoto and S. B. Yang and Yuichi Yonemoto and Choong Jae Yoon and K. Yoshida},
  journal={Physical Review C},
The pentaquark Theta(+) has been searched for via the pi(-) p --> K- X reaction with beam momenta of 1.92 and 2.01 GeV/c at J-PARC. A missing mass resolution of 2 MeV (FWHM) was achieved but no sharp peak structure was observed. The upper limits on the production cross section averaged over the scattering angle from 2 degrees to 15 degrees in the laboratory frame were found to be less than 0.28 mu b/sr at the 90% confidence level for both the 1.92- and 2.01- GeV/c data. The systematic… 
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