High-resolution scanning patch-clamp: new insights into cell function.

  title={High-resolution scanning patch-clamp: new insights into cell function.},
  author={Yuchun Gu and Julia Gorelik and Hilmar A Spohr and Andrew I. Shevchuk and Max J. Lab and Sian E Harding and Igor Vodyanoy and David Klenerman and Yuri E. Korchev},
  journal={FASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology},
  volume={16 7},
Cell specialization is often governed by the spatial distribution of ion channels and receptors on the cell surface. So far, little is known about functional ion channel localization. This is due to a lack of satisfactory methods for investigating ion channels in an intact cell and simultaneously determining the channels' positions accurately. We have developed a novel high-resolution scanning patch-clamp technique that enables the study of ion channels, not only in small cells, such as sperm… CONTINUE READING
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