High-resolution grazing incidence x-ray spectrometer and its characteristics

  title={High-resolution grazing incidence x-ray spectrometer and its characteristics},
  author={XianXin Zhong and Shaotang He},
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A novel soft x-ray grazing incidence spectrometer for studying laser produced plasma has been developed. The spectrometer is a complex system which is composed of three units: a grazing incidence grating spectrography, 4 dimensions micro adjustment equipment, and an aligning system with optical fiber bundle, electronic camera, TV monitor and laser transit. The spectrograph is used to resolve the lines of a soft x-ray spectra. The extreme ultraviolet spectra (time-integrated) region in the… 


X-ray laser experiments using laser-vaporized copper-foil plasmas

Recent exploratory experiments used laser-vaporized copper films in a search for gain on 3s–3p transitions in neonlike Cu xx plasmas. The Naval Research Laboratory Pharos iii laser was operated at