High-resolution detection and mapping of genomic DNA alterations in neuroblastoma.

  title={High-resolution detection and mapping of genomic DNA alterations in neuroblastoma.},
  author={Yael Mosse and Joel Greshock and Adam A. Margolin and Tara L. Naylor and Kristina Cole and Deepa Khazi and George C Hii and Cynthia Winter and Syed K. Shahzad and Muhammad Usman Asziz and Jaclyn A Biegel and Barbara L. Weber and John M. Maris},
  journal={Genes, chromosomes & cancer},
  volume={43 4},
We used array-based comparative genomic hybridization (aCGH) to measure genomic copy number alterations (CNAs) in 42 neuroblastoma cell lines with known 1p36.3, 2p24 (MYCN), 11q23, and 17q23 allelic status. All cell lines showed CNAs, with an average of 22.0% of the genome of each sample showing evidence of gain (11.6%) or loss (10.4%). MYCN amplification was detected in 81% of cell lines, but other regions with high-level genomic amplification were observed only rarely. Gain of 17q material… CONTINUE READING