High-resolution SMA imaging of bright submillimetre sources from the SCUBA-2 Cosmology Legacy Survey.

  title={High-resolution SMA imaging of bright submillimetre sources from the SCUBA-2 Cosmology Legacy Survey.},
  author={Ryley Hill and Scott C. Chapman and Douglas Scott and Glen Raymond Petitpas and I. R. Smail and Edward L. Chapin and Mark A. Gurwell and Ryan J. Perry and A. W. Blain and Malcolm N. Bremer and Chian-Chou Chen and James S. Dunlop and Duncan Farrah and Giovanni G. Fazio and James E. Geach and P. R. Howson and R. J. Ivison and Kevin M. Lacaille and Michał Jerzy Michałowski and James M. Simpson and A. M. Swinbank and Paul van der Werf and David J. Wilner},
  journal={Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society},
We have used the Submillimeter Array (SMA) at 860 µm to observe the brightest sources in the Submillimeter Common User Bolometer Array-2 (SCUBA-2) Cosmology Legacy Survey (S2CLS). The goal of this survey is to exploit the large field of the S2CLS along with the resolution and sensitivity of the SMA to construct a large sample of these rare sources and to study their statistical properties. We have targeted 70 of the brightest single-dish SCUBA-2 850 µm sources down to S850 ≈ 8 mJy… Expand

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