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High-resolution ALMA observations of transition disk candidates in Lupus

  title={High-resolution ALMA observations of transition disk candidates in Lupus},
  author={Nienke van der Marel and Jonathan P. Williams and Giovanni Picogna and Sierk E. van Terwisga and Stefano Facchini and Carlo Felice Manara and Apostolos Zormpas and Megan Ansdell . Leiden Observatory and The Netherlands. and University of Victoria and Canada and University of Hawaii and Usa and Lmu and H Germany and Mpia and Universita degli Studi e Infn Milano and Italy. and Eső and Nasa Headquarters},
Context. Transition disks with small inner dust cavities are interesting targets for the study of disk clearing mechanisms. Such disks have been identified through a deficit in the infrared part of their SED, but spatially resolved millimeter imaging is required to confirm the presence of an inner dust cavity. Aims. The aim of this study is to image the millimeter-dust distribution of 10 transition disk candidates selected from both SED criteria and from tentative detections of inner cavities in… 



High-res observations of transition disk

  • 2021

Visibility curves and best-fit models of the large cavity transition disks from van der Marel et al. (2018)

  • 2018