High-resolution 128 x 96 nitride microdisplay

  title={High-resolution 128 x 96 nitride microdisplay},
  author={Hwanjoon Choi and Chan‐Wook Jeon and Martin D. Dawson},
  journal={IEEE Electron Device Letters},
Matrix-addressable arrays of InGaN micro-light-emitting diodes with 128 /spl times/ 96 pixels and a resolution of 1200 dpi have been fabricated using a novel "sloped sidewall" process. The devices have been fabricated on InGaN blue and green wafers, emitting light at the wavelengths of 468 and 508 nm, respectively. A simple circuit, which enables the display of an arrow pattern with /spl sim/60% of the pixels turned on, was used for device testing. At an injection current of 60 mA, the devices… 

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  • Computer Science
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  • 1998
Among all possible technologies, active matrix addressed liquid crystal displays using CMOS circuit fabricated in single-crystal silicon is presently the best approach for these microdisplays.