High-rate, 2-group ML-decodable STBCs for 2<sup>m</sup> transmit antennas


A Space-Time Block Code (STBC) in K-variables is said to be g-Group ML-Decodable (GMLD) if its Maximum-Likelihood (ML) decoding metric can be written as a sum of g independent terms, with each term being a function of a subset of the K variables. In this paper, a construction method to obtain high-rate, 2-GMLD STBCs for 2<sup>m</sup> transmit antennas, m &#x226B; 1, is presented. The rate of the STBC obtained for 2<sup>m</sup> transmit antennas is 2<sup>m&#x2212;2</sup> + 1/2<sup>m</sup> complex symbols per channel use. The design method is illustrated for the case of 4 and 8 transmit antennas. The code obtained for 4 transmit antennas is equivalent to the rate-5/4 Quasi-Orthogonal design (QOD) proposed by Yuen, Guan and Tjung.

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