High quality ion channel analysis on a chip with the NPC technology.

  title={High quality ion channel analysis on a chip with the NPC technology.},
  author={Andrea Brueggemann and Michael George and Michele Klau and Matthias Beckler and Johannes Steindl and Jan C. Behrends and Niels Fertig},
  journal={Assay and drug development technologies},
  volume={1 5},
In evaluating ion channel function, electrophysiology, e.g., patch clamping, provides the highest information content. For the analysis of ion channel-modulating compounds, one variant of the patch-clamp technique, the whole-cell configuration, is particularly useful. We present here patch-clamp recordings in the whole-cell configuration and single channel recordings performed with planar patch-clamp chips, which are microstructured from borosilicate glass substrate. The chips are used in the… CONTINUE READING

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