High quality CVD TaN gate electrode for sub-100 nm MOS devices

  title={High quality CVD TaN gate electrode for sub-100 nm MOS devices},
  author={Y. H. Kim and C. H. Lee and T. S. Jeon and W. Bai and C. H. Choi and S. H. Lee and Liang Xinjian and R. Clarks and David Roberts and D. L. Kwong},
  journal={International Electron Devices Meeting. Technical Digest (Cat. No.01CH37224)},
In this paper, for the first time, we present a detailed evaluation of physical and electrical properties of CVD TaN as a potential gate electrode material for sub-100 nm MOS device applications. Our results show that CVD TaN films deposited using TBTDET (tertbutylimidoirisdiethylamido tantalum) exhibit excellent thermal stability with underlying ultra thin SiO/sub 2/ up to 1000/spl deg/C and extremely stable work function (5eV@800-1000/spl deg/C) suitable for p-MOS device applications… CONTINUE READING


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