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High pressure electron spin resonance of the endohedral fullerene $^{15}\mathrm{N@C}_{60}$

  title={High pressure electron spin resonance of the endohedral fullerene \$^\{15\}\mathrm\{N@C\}\_\{60\}\$},
  author={Reuben Harding and Andrea Folli and J. Zhou and G. Andrew D. Briggs and Kyriakos Porfyrakis and Edward A. Laird},
  journal={arXiv: Chemical Physics},
We measure the electron spin resonance spectrum of the endohedral fullerene molecule $^{15}\mathrm{N@C}_{60}$ at pressures ranging from atmospheric pressure to 0.25 GPa, and find that the hyperfine coupling increases linearly with pressure. We present a model based on van der Waals interactions, which accounts for this increase via compression of the fullerene cage and consequent admixture of orbitals with a larger hyperfine coupling. Combining this model with theoretical estimates of the bulk… 

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