High-pressure effects on lysosome integrity and lysosomal enzyme activity in bovine muscle.

  title={High-pressure effects on lysosome integrity and lysosomal enzyme activity in bovine muscle.},
  author={S. Jung and Marie de Lamballerie-Anton and Richard Georges Taylor and Mohamed Ghoul},
  journal={Journal of agricultural and food chemistry},
  volume={48 6},
This study was conducted to determine whether the application of high hydrostatic pressure could modify the enzymatic activity and membrane integrity of lysosomes in muscle. Several combinations of pressure (0-600 MPa) and time (0-300 s) were applied to two types of samples: purified enzymes (cathepsin D and acid phosphatase) in buffer solution and intact muscle (biceps femoris). The enzymes studied showed varying degrees of susceptibility depending on the level of pressure, holding time, and… CONTINUE READING


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