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High-precision vacuum wax injector

  title={High-precision vacuum wax injector},
  author={刘新涛 and 姜维喜 and 陈剑英 and 卞福香 and 穆道旭},
  • 刘新涛, 姜维喜, +2 authors 穆道旭
  • Published 2012
  • Engineering
  • The invention discloses a high-precision vacuum wax injector which comprises a body, wherein a wax accommodating tank for accommodating wax is arranged inside the body; a control circuit for controlling the operation of the body is arranged inside the body; the surface of the body is provided with an operation panel matched with the inner control circuit; the top end of the wax accommodating tank is provided with a sealing cover; an air inlet pipe and an air outlet pipe are arranged on the… CONTINUE READING

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