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High-precision muon decay predictions for ALP searches

  title={High-precision muon decay predictions for ALP searches},
  author={Prabir Banerjee and Ant{\'o}nio M. Coutinho and T. Engel and Andrea Gurgone and A. Signer and Yannick Ulrich},
We present an improved theoretical prediction of the positron energy spectrum for the polarised Michel decay µ + → e + ν e ¯ ν µ . In addition to the full next-to-next-to-leading order correction of order α 2 in the electromagnetic coupling, we include logarithmically enhanced terms at even higher orders. Logarithms due to collinear emission are included at next-to-leading accuracy up to order α 4 . At the endpoint of the Michel spectrum, soft photon emission results in large logarithms that… 
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Improved muon decay simulation with McMule and Geant4

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