High-precision measurement of the half-life of 147Sm.

  title={High-precision measurement of the half-life of 147Sm.},
  author={Karsten Kossert and Gerhard J{\"o}rg and Ole J N{\"a}hle and Christoph Lierse v Gostomski},
  journal={Applied radiation and isotopes : including data, instrumentation and methods for use in agriculture, industry and medicine},
  volume={67 9},
The half-life of the long-lived isotope (147)Sm was determined by means of activity determination using liquid scintillation counting. The amount of samarium was determined by ICP-OES using a NIST reference standard. The isotopic ratio N((147)Sm)/N(Sm) of the samples was measured by means of ICP-HRMS. The half-life was found to be 1.070(9)x10(11) y. The result is in good agreement with other evaluations and the relative standard uncertainty of 0.8% is lower than in any previous work.