High-precision lattice QCD confronts experiment.

  title={High-precision lattice QCD confronts experiment.},
  author={C. T. H. Davies and Eduardo Follana and Alan Gray and G. Peter Lepage and Quentin Mason and Matthew A. Nobes and Junko Shigemitsu and Howard Trottier and Matthew Wingate and Christopher Alan Aubin and Claude Bernard and Tommy Burch and Carleton DeTar and Steven A. Gottlieb and E. B. Gregory and Urs M. Heller and James Edward Hetrick and James C. Osborn and Robert L. Sugar and Doug Toussaint and Michele Di Pierro and Aida X. El-Khadra and Andreas S. Kronfeld and P. Mackenzie and Damian P. Menscher and James N. Simone},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={92 2},
The recently developed Symanzik-improved staggered-quark discretization allows unquenched lattice-QCD simulations with much smaller (and more realistic) quark masses than previously possible. To test this formalism, we compare experiment with a variety of nonperturbative calculations in QCD drawn from a restricted set of "gold-plated" quantities. We find agreement to within statistical and systematic errors of 3% or less. We discuss the implications for phenomenology and, in particular, for… Expand

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