High-precision, non-invasive anti-microvascular approach via concurrent ultrasound and laser irradiation

  title={High-precision, non-invasive anti-microvascular approach via concurrent ultrasound and laser irradiation},
  author={Zizhong Hu and Haonan Zhang and Aghapi G. Mordovanakis and Yannis M. Paulus and Qinghuai Liu and Xueding Wang and Xinmai Yang},
  booktitle={Scientific reports},
Antivascular therapy represents a proven strategy to treat angiogenesis. By applying synchronized ultrasound bursts and nanosecond laser irradiation, we developed a novel, selective, non-invasive, localized antivascular method, termed photo-mediated ultrasound therapy (PUT). PUT takes advantage of the high native optical contrast among biological tissues and can treat microvessels without causing collateral damage to the surrounding tissue. In a chicken yolk sac membrane model, under the same… CONTINUE READING
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