High power medium voltage drives - innovations, portfolio, trends

  title={High power medium voltage drives - innovations, portfolio, trends},
  author={Rolf-Dieter Klug and Norbert Klaassen},
  journal={2005 European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications},
  pages={10 pp.-P.10}
The paper gives an overview over high power medium voltage drive inverters in the range between one and one hundred megawatts. First the applications and their key requirements are summarized. Then the available power semiconductors and the different inverter circuit topologies with their different properties, advantages and drawbacks are presented. The key features are compared and suitable converter types for the applications and industry branches are identified. Finally, future trends of… 
Medium voltage drives - challenges and requirements
The design and application of medium voltage (MV) drives are associated with different requirements related to the line side and motor side of the drive. This paper presents a brief review of the
A new modular multilevel converter for medium voltage high power oil & gas motor drive applications
This paper presents the first commercially available water-cooled MV motor drive based on the Modular Multilevel Topology (M2C) and measurement results from a 12 MW back-to-back test are included.
Multilevel Voltage-Source-Converter Topologies for Industrial Medium-Voltage Drives
This paper covers the high-power voltage-source inverter and the most used multilevel-inverter topologies, including the neutral-point-clamped, cascaded H-bridge, and flying-capacitor converters.
Medium-Voltage Multilevel Converters—State of the Art, Challenges, and Requirements in Industrial Applications
An inverter configuration based on three-level building blocks to generate five-level voltage waveforms is suggested and it is shown that such an inverter may be operated at a very low switching frequency to achieve minimum on-state and dynamic device losses for highly efficient MV drive applications while maintaining low harmonic distortion.
Current-Source Converter and Cycloconverter Topologies for Industrial Medium-Voltage Drives
This paper provides a comprehensive review of the state of the art of high-power converters (above 1 MW) for adjustable-speed ac drives and provides the latest technological advances and future trends in CSI- and CCV-fed large drives.
review on high power multilevel-matrix converters
The history of multilevel and matrix converter is reviewed and the implementation of a new control strategies are discussed to deeply reduce the cost, weight and increase the reliability for the converters.
Three-phase unidirectional modular multilevel converter
Unidirectional power flow voltage source converter high voltage direct current (VSC-HVDC) systems can be advantageously used in future dc subsea electric transmission and distribution systems
Transformerless topologies for future stationary AC-railway power supply
  • J. Ranneberg
  • Engineering
    2007 European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications
  • 2007
Railways in several countries in Europe are operated with a 15 kV 16 2/3 Hz resp 16,7 Hz. These systems are often supplied from the 50 Hz three-phase system by static frequency converters (SFC). The
A Comparison of Adjustable-Speed Drive Systems: Voltage Source Inverters and Load-Commutated Inverters for High-Power Applications
This article compares the ASD systems for shaft powers of 20 MW or more to the traditional way of controlling large rotating equipment with load-commutated inverters (LCIs) is of interest.
An overview of chopper topologies
  • Rahma Bououd, L. Sbita
  • Engineering
    2017 International Conference on Green Energy Conversion Systems (GECS)
  • 2017
Power electronics, which should be called “electronic energy conversion”, is now undergoing a major evolution. During these years, the size, weight and cost of converters have only decreased, largely


Reliability of megawatt drive concepts
In the process industries, reliability of production machines has a strong influence on the profitability of a plant. Examples for such machines are mills, extruders, compressors, pumps, fans and
Choosing electric turbocompressor drivers
High-speed electric motor variable speed drives used to drive centrifugal compressors of any size are proven technology, and the examples shown in this paper are exemplary for many other successful
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Melrtufen-Wechselrichter in der Leistungselektronike
  • Melrtufen-Wechselrichter in der Leistungselektronike
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Voltage source inverter in the medium voltage range
  • Voltage source inverter in the medium voltage range
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ASI-Robicon Industiad Power Control: Brochure on "Perfect Harmony Series
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