High power electrostatic motor and generator using electrets

  title={High power electrostatic motor and generator using electrets},
  author={T. Genda and Shuji Tanaka and Masayoshi Esashi},
  journal={TRANSDUCERS '03. 12th International Conference on Solid-State Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems. Digest of Technical Papers (Cat. No.03TH8664)},
  pages={492-495 vol.1}
For application to a micro-machined gas turbine, we first designed the motor/generator using electrets. Theoretical calculation confirmed that the motor/generator generates 30.4 W at a rotational speed of 1 Mrpm after its electrode design is optimized. Next, we proposed a novel circuit using LC resonance for the generator, which can avoid the charging-discharging loss of the parasitic capacitance. And we confirmed that the circuit could generate over 80% output of the theoretical maximum… CONTINUE READING