High-power Yb:YAG single-crystal fiber amplifiers for femtosecond lasers in cylindrical polarization.

  title={High-power Yb:YAG single-crystal fiber amplifiers for femtosecond lasers in cylindrical polarization.},
  author={Fabien Lesparre and Jean Thomas Gomes and Xavier D{\'e}len and Igor Martial and Julien Didierjean and Wolfgang Pallmann and Bojan Resan and Michael Eckerle and Thomas Graf and Marwan Abdou Ahmed and Frederic P. H. J. Druon and François Balembois and Patrick M. Georges},
  journal={Optics letters},
  volume={40 11},
We demonstrate a three-stage diode-pumped Yb:YAG single-crystal-fiber amplifier to generate femtosecond pulses at high average powers with linear or cylindrical (i.e., radial or azimuthal) polarization. At a repetition rate of 20 MHz, 750-fs pulses were obtained at an average power of 85 W in cylindrical polarization and at 100 W in linear polarization. The report includes investigations on the use of Yb:YAG single-crystal fibers with different length/doping ratio and the zero-phonon pumping at… CONTINUE READING
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