High performance triangular barrier engineered NIPIN selector for bipolar RRAM

  title={High performance triangular barrier engineered NIPIN selector for bipolar RRAM},
  author={Rahul Meshram and Bipul Das and Raju Mandapati and Sandip Lashkare and Shantanu Deshmukh and Saurabh Lodha and Udayan Ganguly and J{\"o}rg Schulze},
  journal={2014 IEEE 6th International Memory Workshop (IMW)},
Triangular barrier has been proposed and implemented for the first time in a punch-through diode based selector by dopant profile engineering. Vertical 4F2 diodes have been fabricated on an epitaxial Si stack consists of n+ / i / delta-doped p+ / i / n+ (NIPIN) layers by low temperature (sub-520°C) Si epitaxy. We experimentally demonstrate that while conventional NPN selectors exhibit severe sub-threshold slope degradation at high voltage, NIPIN selectors produce ideal subthreshold slope of… CONTINUE READING


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