High performance photodetectors based on two-dimensional materials

  title={High performance photodetectors based on two-dimensional materials},
  author={Shaojuan Li and Yu-sheng Wang and Hong Qiao and Jian Yuan and Qiaoliang Bao},
  journal={2015 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Workshop Series on Advanced Materials and Processes for RF and THz Applications (IMWS-AMP)},
Combing graphene and other two-dimentional materials in heterostructure or the hybridization of graphene with a gain material for photodetection offers the possiblity to expand the wavelength range of operation and improve performance. Here, we fabricated two novel photodetectors based on graphene-Bi<sub>2</sub>Te<sub>3</sub> heterostructure and hybrid graphene-perovskite islands, respectively. Our results show that the graphene-Bi<sub>2</sub>Te<sub>3</sub> photodetector has a photoresponsivity… CONTINUE READING