High-performance Physics Simulations Using Multi-core CPUs and GPGPUs in a Volunteer Computing Context

  title={High-performance Physics Simulations Using Multi-core CPUs and GPGPUs in a Volunteer Computing Context},
  author={K. Karimi and N. Dickson and F. Hamze},
  journal={The International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications},
  pages={61 - 69}
  • K. Karimi, N. Dickson, F. Hamze
  • Published 2011
  • Computer Science, Physics
  • The International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications
This paper presents two conceptually simple methods for parallelizing a Parallel Tempering Monte Carlo simulation in a distributed volunteer computing context, where computers belonging to the general public are used. The first method uses conventional multi-threading. The second method uses CUDA, a graphics card computing system. Parallel Tempering is described, and challenges such as parallel random number generation and mapping of Monte Carlo chains to different threads are explained. While… Expand
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