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High-mass stars in the Galactic center Quintuplet cluster

  title={High-mass stars in the Galactic center Quintuplet cluster},
  author={Adriane Liermann and W. R. Hamann and Lidia M Oskinova and Helge Todt},
The Galactic center region is heavily obscured by dust in the ultra-violet and visual. Recently, a catalog with near-infrared K-band spectra of massive stars located in the Quintuplet cluster at about 35 pc projected distance of the GC was presented. Among several O stars the cluster hosts a number of massive stars in their late evolutionary stages, i.e. Wolf-Rayet stars of the nitrogen (WN) and carbon (WC) sequence. Tailored analyses with the Potsdam models for expanding atmospheres (PoWR) are… 

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