High lumbar disc degeneration. Incidence and etiology.

  title={High lumbar disc degeneration. Incidence and etiology.},
  author={Ken Y. Hsu and James F. Zucherman and William Shea and Jackie Kaiser and Alicie H White and Jerome A Schofferman and C Amelon},
  volume={15 7},
Three hundred seventy-nine consecutive magnetic resonance images (MRIs) with dual-echo images of the entire lumbar spine were reviewed by the authors. All 379 patients presented with back pain and/or leg pain; they were interviewed and examined. Pain drawings were completed by all. There were 42 patients (11.1%) with disc pathologies involving T12-L1, L1-2, and/or L2-3 levels. Six patients (1.6%) had isolated disc degeneration and/or herniations limited only to these high lumbar segments. The… CONTINUE READING


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