High levels of mercury in wetland resources from three river basins in Ghana: a concern for public health

  title={High levels of mercury in wetland resources from three river basins in Ghana: a concern for public health},
  author={F. Gbogbo and Samuel Otoo and Robert Quaye Huago and Obed Asomaning},
  journal={Environmental Science and Pollution Research},
Crustaceans, mollusks, and fish are wetland resources that constitute an important source of protein and foreign exchange for the Ghanaian population, and many species of these are sold in the open market and restaurants, yet studies on their heavy metal contents are generally scarce. This paper evaluates the levels of mercury in five species of crustaceans, two species of mollusks, and ten species of fish inhabiting three river basins with different catchment activities in Ghana. These include… Expand
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