High level fructan accumulation in a transgenic sugar beet

  title={High level fructan accumulation in a transgenic sugar beet},
  author={Robert S{\'e}venier and R. David Hall and Ingrid M. van der Meer and Hanny J.C. Hakkert and Arjen J. van Tunen and Andries J. Koops},
  journal={Nature Biotechnology},
We have transformed sugar beet into a crop that produces fructans. The gene encoding 1 -sucrose:sucrose fructosyl transferase (1-SST), which was isolated from Helianthus tuberosus, was introduced into sugar beet. In H. tuberosus, 1 -SST mediates the first steps in fructan synthesis through the conversion of sucrose (GF) into low molecular weight fructans GF2, GF3, and GF4. In the taproot of sugar beet transformed with the 1-sst gene, the stored sucrose is almost totally converted into low… CONTINUE READING


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