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High level BSP programming: BSML and BS

  title={High level BSP programming: BSML and BS},
  author={Olivier Ballereau and F. Loulergue and G. Hains},
  • Olivier Ballereau, F. Loulergue, G. Hains
  • Published 2007
  • Computer Science
  • A functional data-parallel language called BSML is designed for programming bulk-synchronous parallel (BSP) algorithms in so-called direct mode. Its aim is to combine the generality of languages like NESL with the predictable performance of direct-mode BSP algorithms. The BSML operations are motivated and described. Experiments with a library implementation of BSML show the possibility and limitations of parallel performance prediction in this framework. 

    Topics from this paper.

    An SPMD environment machine for functional BSP programs
    • 10
    Functional BSP Programs on Enumerated Vectors
    • 9
    Verifying Functional Bulk Synchronous Parallel Programs Using the Coq System
    • 2
    Implementation of the BSMLlib Library v 0 . 2
    Safe usage of registers in BSPlib
    Minimally Synchronous Parallel ML with Parallel Composition
    Trends in Trends in Functional Programming 1999/2000 versus 2007/2008
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    • Highly Influenced


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