High incidence of secondary osteoporosis in both sexes


Whereas a vast number of atudleu have ohown a clear relation between pontmenopausal estrogen deficiency and Increaned rink of onteoporonis in women, data about osteoporosin in men are scarce. We investigated 56 ma~e patlents with primary osteoporotlc vertebral fractures (mean age: 61.2• years; OP) and compared our results with values obtained from 37 age… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/BF02500723


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@article{Skrabal2006HighIO, title={High incidence of secondary osteoporosis in both sexes}, author={F. Skrabal and Peter Kotanko and Gerfried Gratze and Ronald Peter Gruber}, journal={Osteoporosis International}, year={2006}, volume={6}, pages={297-297} }